A V A I L A B L E. A T. N A D A. M I A M I. D E C E M B E R. 2 - 7 ,. 2 0 0 8

W H I T E H O T. M A G A Z I N E. B O O T H

The Ice Palace, 1400 North Miami Avenue (corner of NW 14th St) Miami FL 33136 for more info click here

Contact Noah Becker of Whitehot Magazine whitehotpublisher@gmail.com


Adam Stennett. Pargegoric with Three Drops. 2008. Acrylic on paper, 12 x 12 inches


The shirt that will be exhibited relates to a pair of sculpture/installation works representing Mk-Ultra and Millbrook as two opposing soccer teams. In the 1950s and 60s the two groups came to the field of psychedelic research from opposite angles, the covert CIA program exploring mind control and manipulation and Timothy Leary and Millbrook exploring the possibilities of mind-expansion. The full work representing Mk-Ultra will be on view at Aqua with Glenn Horowitz.

small # 8 - small # 9 - medium #5 - medium #10



Adam Stennett. Mk-Ultra Soccer Jersey. 2008. Screenprint and spray-paint on US Army issue t-shirt.


Adam Stennett. Can of Alpo in wood, velvet and glass vitrine(signed). 2008. 4/12 (edition of 12)






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